Felix Amadeus / The Maestro

The conductor of the Matrix


Felix Amadeus

Age: 42
Sex: Male
Height: 6’
Weight: 174lbs
Metatype: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian (UCAS)
Street Cred: 2
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Karma: 21
Total Karma: 46


The Three Lives of Felix Amadeus

Resident of Boston, MA; Felix’s family fell from grace during the second Matrix crash, they lost their entire fortune and identity. Felix found himself going from the top of the world to the gutter in the matter of a night. His mother killed herself swiftly with lead, while his father died slowly through more complex series of chemical interactions. Broke and alone Felix began to learn how to live on his technical skills.

It could have ended for him there, but Felix’s second life began when he met Anna Tyson. She was a low level corporate employee of NeoNet, he a newly made nobody. They really never should’ve have fallen in love, much less even met (they crossed paths on the Matrix with a mutual love for classical music).

Felix was able to begin to forget about his previous life and with his technological skill set he was able to set up a fake identity to stay in the Boston area. As time went one, eventually he admitted to Anna that he was SINless and could never be apart of her world. She proposed to Felix and he agreed to be engaged, but refused to set a wedding date until he could find a legitimate way to register. Anna took this in stride and, against Felix’s better judgement, approached “Mr. Johnson” in NeoNet’s more experimental division.

Mr. Johnson was looking for live subjects for certain experiments, in exchange for Felix’s assistance Felix could expect a place within the NeoNet Umbrella. Felix, not wanting to disappoint Anna, agreed. The next day, Anna and Felix went to the testing site and what should have ended in celebration; ended in tragedy. Something went wrong, Felix can’t remember. He just remembers the screams and Anna’s death. Then darkness, he always remembers the darkness.

When he next awoke he was being smuggled out of the hospital by Dr. Merriam Tyson, Anna’s older sister. She always liked Felix and loved her sister. Merriam told Felix that certain individuals that she did not trust were looking for him. She secreted him away and cared for his injuries; neither spoke much as both had much more than enough thoughts and feelings to get lost in.

In the emotional turmoil, Felix had something awoken in him; something that was always there, but he had always treated it like a little mental itch he could never scratch. Felix realized he was a Technomancer. He found the world of the Matrix a beautiful symphony that was a solace for his soul. He met another person, a being, someone whom he has only met in the Matrix. She called herself ECHO. (He was sure she was female, possibly a Technomancer herself.) She guided him through the process of registering his first Sprite, S.O.M.M.E. It is that event that marks the birth of the Maestro.

The Maestro

The Maestro is a conductor of the Matrix, data danced at his fingertips; no longer a whirling cacophony of information. He created other Sprites, Byte and D.O.A.R. to assist him in his other projects. Projects that the Maestro had aplenty. To most others he goes by the name of Felix, except in his clandestine projects. In those black book ones he becomes the Maestro. Felix is a changed man, the world he wanted to become apart of, to share with Anna is now forever outside his grasp. He decides he will make a new one, climb to new heights; he realizes he is most likely running from the pain and memories of Anna’s death. Maybe along the way he can do some good, piss on the system, and perhaps wreck someone’s day at NeoNet.


Felix believes that the Matrix is a living being, a force of nature. His sprites take on a personification of that force, either as because that is their natural shape or a reflection of Felix’s thoughts; he can never be sure.

  • S.O.M.M.

Shadow Of My Mind is a fault sprite and Felix’s first creation. Felix feels he is made of his more unexpressed violent and darker side. Whatever the source Felix finds S.O.M.M. To be a useful bodyguard in the Matrix.

  • Byte

Byte is Felix’s Registered Courier Sprite. It tends to float about and change its shape in a geometrical patterns when he speaks.

  • D.O.A.R.

Data Organization And Research is Felix’s registered Data Sprite. She has some of Anna’s personality, but is really only a shadow. Felix would change the appearance, but it appears the Matrix resists that change and wants it this way.

  • Zero

Felix does not have a registered Crack Sprite. When he does need one; he forms Zero from the Matrix.

  • One

Felix does not have a registered Machine Sprite. When he does need one, he forms One from the Matrix.

Felix Amadeus / The Maestro

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