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  • Toni Kova

    Toni will admit that he was born in Russia and that he spent much of his life as a soldier, but refuses to discuss the details of his past. He now resides in the Redmond Barrens where he leads [[The Redmond Militia]]. He also runs some black market …

  • Merriam Tyson

    Merriam is a highly regarded trauma surgeon sought after for her skills. She cares about [[:felix-amadeus|Felix]] and is concerned at the turn his life has taken since her [[:anna-tyson | sister's]] death. Felix is really her last connection to Anna. …

  • ECHO

    ECHO is an unknown to [[:felix-amadeus|Felix]], but he trusts her with his life. (She reminds him of Anna.) She is his guide in the Matrix and into the life of a Technomancer. She tends to approve of his clandestine projects and lends information to …

  • Nine Mil

    "Nine Mil" is the street name of shadowrunner operating in the Seattle metroplex. She is human, female, caucasian, estimated 27 years old. Multiple sources claim that she is an adept with combat-related powers, but she claims to be "just that good".

  • Mark Phillips. SPC

    Mark Phillips' public records show that he is an employee of NeoNet's 'Pre-Emptive Security' division, holding the title of 'Specialist'. According to his SeattleSingles profile he is 30 years old, unmarried, has no children, and is interested in human …

  • Anna Tyson

    Once a low level employee of NeoNet, she was [[:felix-amadeus | Felix's]] fiancée and [[:merriam-tyson | Merriam's]] younger sister. She died in an experiment sponsored by NeoNet that went tragically wrong.